Remove the toxic chemicals from your home, to improve your family’s health and that of the environment.

“Our products have an unconditional money-back guarantee; we stand behind every product. We do not allow unauthorised sales literature or exaggerated earnings claims or unsubstantiated product claims. We are financially sound. We have never missed paying a bonus cheque and we have never even been a single day late sending out bonus cheques. Never! Not once!

The above comment is from the Company CEO.


We, as a family are so excited that we have found a manufacturer that makes environmentally safe (eco-friendly) products for Our Home and Family.  When this happens we want to shout it from a mountain top sharing it with others.  I’m sure we are not the only ones looking for Safe and Friendly products to use around our home for cleaning and personal use.

Products that are Safe and Friendly to the Environment means  a Happier Family Lifestyle.

The products we received contain No Chlorine Bleach, No Ammonia and Formaldehyde  making them safe for the Family

They were made from Effective, Naturally derived Ingredients, No abrasives and pH-balanced  making them safer for the home.

Most important they are Super-concentrated products with No fillers and No phosphates making them safe for the environment.

We started out as Preferred Customers being reward on our purchases and very soon afterwards  we were getting paid through A REAL RESIDUAL – PASSIVE INCOME Opportunity.

All we had to do was swap over stores and shop online or phone It was that simple to start enjoying a Healthier Family Lifestyle.