Be Rewarded through Preferred Customer Membership


Isn’t it great when we walk into a shop and we see the Loyalty Reward offers advertised even for the Free Cuppa after purchasing 5 or Spend so much and receive a $5 or $10 Voucher.  They all make a difference as it is something for us being a loyal customer.  We save them up for my Christmas Shopping and going around a large family it all helps.

Once we heard Loyalty Rewards we sat up and paid attention to what was to come.

We suppose you are wondering what the benefits are?

Let us tell you more about what you will receive:

  • Safer Products
  • Better Health
  • Cleaner Environment
  • Better Value
  • 30% – 40% discount on RRP
  • Up to 20% in Loyalty Rewards on your order
  • No Risk – you can cancel your membership at any time

Plus a Business Opportunity is available – If you wish to go down that track or otherwise you can just purchase as a preferred customer with no pressure.

We know how excited you must be after reading those benefits – Want to know more please fill out the contact form and we can talk more very soon and if you have any questions it would be our please to answer them for you.