Income Opportunity


First our story:

Last year we were introduced to these exceptional products – We have been involved in many different Income Opportunities before and none of them have paid an income within the first 2 months.  The first amount received was nearly $600.00 and that was for just sharing these products with others – No selling (as they ordered directly through the company) – No deliveries (all deliveries come directly from the manufacturer).  It couldn’t have been easier – Just share the products (Just like spreading The Good News) – Do your own shopping through the company (and also be rewarded) and Guess What  – It happened Income and It is all profit!

It is that Easy – Let us explain more!

What is Residual Income?

Residual Income or Passive Income – Looking at the meaning first will clear a lot of mixed ideas up about it.

Passive Income:

“Passive income is an income received on a regular basis,
with little effort required to maintain it.”

It further went on to elaborate by giving this description:

“Earnings from a business
that does not require direct involvement from the owner or merchant.”

Passive Income was also likened to receiving royalties from a product or similar. Residual Income in the accounting world is known as the funds that are left after all the expenses are paid.

That explains what we did within the first 2 months – Join first – Use the products and share the benefits with others and show them how easy it is to switch stores and shop online as preferred customers.  Couldn’t be easier to start to enjoy the financial freedom that comes along with this great opportunity – It is a Life changing experience – Income without the hassle of selling and deliveries.

Who is this company that has this opportunity?

The company that we are talking about is financially sound and was established way back on September 1985 and has continued to grow and proper by providing top quality products that are used in our homes on a daily basis we shop directly with the company by phone or online and with a business income opportunity that actually works.

Now you know why we feel like shouting it from the mountain top for all to hear,

We are still so excited about the products – How easy it was to start receive our first income along with the extra products through the Loyalty Rewards.  We couldn’t believe how simple it was in switching stores – doing our shopping online and start enjoying a Healthier Family Lifestyle.


Is that what you are after?   Extra Income for now and the future.

Something you are looking for A Healthier Family Lifestyle – Want to know more information please fill out the contact form and we can talk more very soon and if you have any questions it would be our please to answer them for you.