“Environment Friendly Products at reasonable prices.”

What products are you using at present around your home and family on a daily basis – Are they safe for your family or do they affect their health and have an impact on the quality of life you want to enjoy.

Just think of the change it could have on them by switching to household cleaners that are derived from natural sources and contain no toxic chemicals.

For a few minutes just think about the products that you currently use in your home?

Go through each room laundry – kitchen – bathroom – even the bedrooms.  What do you use on your floors, walls, windows, furniture – in your dishwasher – don’t forget about your car and pets.

Have you ever thought about how these products affect your health and that of your family if they are harmful?

Did you know that bleach and ammonia are in most cleaning products and are on the top household chemicals involved in calls to the Poisons Information Centre?

Let me tell you about what products you will be able to purchase  through the Preferred Customer Membership.

Along with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

These products are all powered by natural derived ingredients!

They are supplied by this eco-friendly company I now purchase all these products direct from.

LAUNDRY    That never ending chore around the house – You name it they have the product to do the job.

Laundry liquid washing detergent is super concentrated, for both Top and Front Loading machines.  It has naturally derived stain removing ingredients that wash your clothes in a PH that is close to that of water – making it gentle on your clothes, as well as your skin, while removing dirt and stains. AND being highly concentrated works makes it very economically priced!

Plus they have the other products  like spot stain remover, fabric softeners, wash brighteners are also great value and do their job very well – all at competitive prices and with ingredients that do not harm the environment or you!


Walls, floors, windows, shower, bathroom, mirrors, furniture, dishes, shoes, handbags, cars – just about everything you need to clean can be cleaned with these top quality and eco-friendly products.  The number of jobs that these products can be used for is endless and we are sure you want to hear more about the many other products they have instead of reading about those jobs that are always on the ‘To Do List’ one of these days I will get to that area and do it – After I can find the right product to use – making it quick and easy – spotless and cost effective!      These products do their job so well!



Make up and cosmetics – skin care – sun screen and blockout – Personal Bathroom Products for all family members even Babies – along with a Medicine Chest – Vitamins – Diet – Weight Loss Products ‘That turns Fat into Fuel which was badly needed – need I say more.

Our homes are full of products we use everyday and they all can be replaced by switching to online shopping through this remarkable manufacturer/supplier – At Customer Preferred Prices and be rewarded for your shopping.  All you need to do is say NO more to all those nasty ingredients found in most of the supermarket brands.

Why don’t you try the switch as they provide over 350 exclusive products that you use everyday!  100% Money Back Guarantee!

After reading about the products and you would like to know how easy it is to change to having a Healthier Family Lifestyle – please fill out the contact form and we can talk more very soon and if you have any questions it would be our please to answer them for you.